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Venture Zone PL 140 Carries For 200K XP

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Fortnite Ventures PL 140 Carries for 200k XP

Venture Mission 140+ -WE WILL CARRY YOU IN PL140 VENTURES MISSIONS TO EARN MINIMUM OF 100K XP!!! Level up faster with higher rewards and experience! Each mission with us gives about 30k experience! I ALSO ALLOW YOU TO SEARCH ANY CHEST THAT I FIND for better weapons and materials. With this you are able to complete your requirements to acquire

- 5 star evolution material!
- high pl weapons from chests!
Make 144* pl weapons, traps, and heros!

Whats is Fortnite Ventures?

Ventures is a seasonal feature in Fortnite: Save the World in which Commanders can re-experience level and resource progression as they climb to the top of each new Ventures Season. Each season-long excursion takes place in a seasonal zone with new and unique modifiers to tackle.

You can earn many new rewards including the new superchargers, Superchargers let you go past the max level to create stronger supercharged weapons, traps, heroes, and survivors. You do not want to miss your chance to get these super rare items. 

Blasted Badlands Venture Zone is the name of this season. This new area can be found on the main fortnite save the world map. 



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