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Buy Fortnite Stw Materials Cheap! 

 Materials (otherwise known as Mats) is the commonly used term to describe the resources and ingredients required for building and crafting. Players can break and or search world objects such as trees, bushes, rocks, houses, containers, chests, toolboxes and more in the world to obtain materials which they can therefore build structures using wood, brick and or metal. Breaking and or searching world resources will give players crafting ingredients which can be used to make WeaponsTraps, and Ammunition in Save the World.

  1. Efficient Mechanical Parts 5000x
  2. Brightcore Selector
  3. Coal 2000x
  4. Batteries 2000x
  5. Sunbeam Selector
  6. Active Powercell 999x
  7. Efficient Mechanical Parts 20000x
  8. Oxidized Mineral Powder 999x
  9. Carved Twine 5000x
  10. Coal 999x
  11. Efficient Mechanical Parts 999x
  12. Sleek Mechanical Parts 200x
  13. Obsidian Ore 200x
  14. Shadowshard Crystal 999x
  15. Active Powercell 200x
  16. Coal 200x
  17. Adhesive Resin 200x
  18. Adhesive Resin 999x
  19. Bacon 200x
  20. Bacon 999x
  21. Batteries 200x
  22. Batteries 999x
  23. Char-Black Mineral Powder 200x
  24. Duct Tape 200x


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