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1. How do I buy Fortnite Items?

Buying Fortnite Items has never been so easy. Just pick an item, choose your operating system (PC, Playstation or Xbox), enter your Epic Games E-mail address or your ID and click “Checkout”. As simple as that! After you pay for your order you will be directed back to . Click on the Live Chat widget on the bottom right corner and inform our support about your purchase. Your order will be delivered within 5-15 min after your order is verified.

2. What payment methods are accepted for Fortnite Items on your website?

We accept credit/debit cards on our website.

3. How long does it take for you to deliver my items?

We aim to deliver orders within 15 minutes after you complete the payment. Usually we deliver them immediately as soon as you put your Order ID and Epic name in chat for our Delivery Team. However, it might take a bit longer during peak hours from 5 PM until 10 PM (Eastern Time) and on weekends. We are constantly improving our delivery services and expanding our Delivery Team to reduce the delivery time during the busiest periods.

4. Can I get banned?

There is a small theoretical chance that you will be banned but in our practice this has never ever happened. This only happens when you are buying illegally obtained Fortnite Items from scammers in forums. Our Fortnite Items are obtained by simple players like you and are legally bought from them.

5. Are you legit?

Yes! We have been trading in-game items for years and we have built a reputation for building legit and fair in-game item selling websites with very professional customer service.

6. When will you add some new items?

If there are any items you want but can’t find in our store, please message our live support. We value your feedback a lot and if we see that a certain item is requested often, we will add it for sure.

7. Can I buy from anywhere in the world?

Almost. You can buy from any country in the world, except for those where Paypal is not available. Countries that are NOT supported: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan.

8. Do I need to provide any documents?

In some cases we ask our buyers to provide some documents proving ownership of the bank account used to pay for their order. For example, you might be asked to take a picture of your Driver’s License. We only ask a small fraction of buyers to do that but be ready for it. It’s in our Terms.

9. Additional information

All our trades are final. No refunds will be issued after your order is delivered. Use of Proxy servers or VPN networks is forbidden on our website, please do not use them. All in-game content is property of Epic Games. We are only a mediator between players.