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How do I buy in-game items? Purchasing in-game items is simple! Select an item, choose your platform, provide the necessary details, complete your payment, then inform our support via Live Chat. Your order will be verified and delivered within 5-15 minutes.

What payment methods are accepted? We accept credit/debit cards on our website.

How long does delivery take? We aim for a 15-minute delivery timeframe post-payment completion. Typically, orders are processed immediately upon providing your order details in the chat. However, during peak hours and weekends, delivery might take slightly longer. Efforts are ongoing to minimize delivery time during these busy periods.

Can I face any consequences for purchasing items? The likelihood of consequences is extremely low. Our items are acquired from reliable sources, minimizing the risk compared to illegitimate sources.

Are your services legitimate? Absolutely! With years of trading experience, we've established a reputation for running a reputable platform, backed by professional customer service.

Will new items be added? If you're looking for specific items not in our store, contact our live support. Your feedback is valuable, and popularly requested items will be considered for addition.

Can I make purchases globally? You can buy from most countries worldwide except for regions where certain payment methods aren't available.

Do I need to provide any documents? In some cases, we may request documents confirming payment ownership, although this is rare and mentioned in our Terms of Service.

Additional Information All transactions are final, and refunds aren’t issued post-delivery. The use of Proxy servers or VPN networks is prohibited on our website. We act as intermediaries between players.