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Mythic Storm King Carry - Fortnite STW

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Join our expert players for a Mythic Storm King adventure to win your very own mythic weapon! But before you hop in, make sure you've checked off a couple of things:

What You Need to Do First:

  1. Beat Twine Storm Shield Defense 5 to unlock the Storm King quest line.
  2. Complete your Storm King quest - Defeat 2 mini bosses in a really tough 140+ zone.

What Happens Next:

After you win your first mythic battle, you'll need to complete a weekly quest and then defeat the mythic Storm King again to get another mythic weapon.

Important Stuff to Know:

  • You have to actually beat the Mythic Storm King to get the mythic weapon blueprint.
  • Our team will help you defeat the Mythic Storm King, but there's a specific time when we'll do it. We'll let you know when.
  • Make sure you've done everything we talked about before we start the mission with you.


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