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NEW 144 SUPERCHARGED - Wall Lights 200x Max Perks Pl 144

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Fortnite Wall Lights 

Supercharged Wall Lights 200x Max Perks Pl 144

Wall Darts - Launches darts at enemies that are up to several tiles away. The darts pass through all enemies and damage everything within the range until it collides with a wall. Can only be attached to full walls.


Wall Darts is a Wall Trap in Save the World. It comes in Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions.

Wall Darts shoot six darts at enemies within a 3 tile horizontal range. It can bypass several building pieces including low walls, center-windowed walls, slanted roofs, and stairs.

What does supercharged mean?

To get lvl 144 weapons or traps you need to have lvl 130 weapons or traps. Then use super chargers to upgrade them to lvl 144. Weapon super chargers are an epic account resource in Fortnite Save The World used to promote weapons beyond lvl 50. You can earn them by Leveling up in the new Fortnite Save the World Ventures area. 

Fortnite Save The World's New SUPERCHARGED Weapons and Traps are new to the game. Be the first to get your hands on them and flex on your friends. These Weapons and Traps are a lot of grinding to get so save yourself the many hours of playing and be first of your friends to have them.

All super charged weapons and supercharged traps are full durability and max perk.



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