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1. argon assault rifle
2. blizzard blitzer
3. bobcat
4. boom bow
5. bundlebuss
6. candycorn
7. cannonade
8. compression burster
9. crankshot
10. De-atomizer 9000
11. easter egg launcher
12. founder's drumroll
13. frostbite
14. gammatron 9000
15. ghost pistol
16. ginger blaster
17. gravedigger
18. hacksaw
19. hemlock
20. jacks revenge
21. noble launcher
22. nocturno
23. obliterator
24. ol betsy
25. paintrain
26. papa bear
27. plasmatron 9000
28. rat king
29. santa's little helper
30. siegebreaker
31. silenced sprcter
32. snowball launcher
33. spyglass
34. sunsetter
35. swan
36. the grunt
37. the powder keg
38. tiger
39. trash cannon
40. typewriter
41. v6 launcher
42. wraith
43. xenon bow
44. yeoman
45. founders revolt
46. pulsar 9000
47. the browbeater
48. jacko launcher
49. duet
50. founder's blazing masamune
51. tree of light
52. earsplitter
53. guardian's will
54. sir lancelot
55. spectral blade
56. surround pound
57. the baron
58. the contender
59. dragon's breath
60. dragon's roar
61. mercury lmg
62. metal marauder
63. the pepper sprayer
64. the potshot
65. lead sled

What does supercharged mean?

To get lvl 144 weapons or traps you need to have lvl 130 weapons or traps. Then use super chargers to upgrade them to lvl 144. Weapon super chargers are an epic account resource in Fortnite Save The World used to promote weapons beyond lvl 50. You can earn them by Leveling up in the new Fortnite Save the World Ventures area. 

Fortnite Save The World's New SUPERCHARGED Weapons and Traps are new to the game. Be the first to get your hands on them and flex on your friends. These Weapons and Traps are a lot of grinding to get so save yourself the many hours of playing and be first of your friends to have them.

All super charged weapons and supercharged traps are full durability and max perk.


After purchasing an item you will receive an order number.

Then head over to the bottom right corner of the website.

Open a live chat and put your order number and epic name.

The support will arrange your delivery!!

ALERT – When you purchase this you accept that we are selling you a service in stw (save the world) which can include trading, building and helping you in game.

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